Arcadia - Arcade Watch Games

经销商: Raffaele D'Amato


Arcadia is a game collection for Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad.
We’ll add more games to the collection ** FOR FREE! **

List of currently available games

• Fruity Snake
Collect as many fruits as you can.

• Treasure Map
Recompose the map to reach the treasure.

• The Claw
Grab as many treasures as possible with the claw.

• Sewer Rat
Avoid obstacles while swimming in the sewer.

• Crazy Balloon
Collect gems and avoid obstacles.

• BrickOut
Destroy all the bricks with the ball.

• PongPong
Beat your opponent.

• Galaxy Invaders
Destroy all enemy spaceships.

• Circong
Like Pong but in Circle. Keep the ball in stage.

Arcadia supports both Game Center (Leaderboards) and iCloud.

Let us know if you have any suggestions or ideas for next games!


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